It has been a privilege to see my writing pop up in a few other wonderful places.


getting her number.jpg

Coffee + Crumbs: Getting Her Number

“This was it — the first day of swim lessons in our new town — the ultimate pick-up scene. This place was crawling with moms, and I was on the prowl.”


Coffee + Crumbs: The Man In Aldi Saw My Boob

“The boob. That’s it. Yes. The boob. So in the middle of aisle one, out came the boob.”


MOPS Blog: Rebuilding Our Village

“Two years later, nearly every detail surrounding my son’s arrival differed from his sister’s, but the most impactful difference was the absence of that village.”

Lame to do list.jpg

MOPS Blog: My Lame To-Do List

“I desperately wanted to think back on my day and feel a sense of pride, but instead, my day was unimpressive and filled with tasks a trained monkey could do.”

could i have grace.jpg

Mothers Always Write: Could I Have Grace Instead?

“Could it be that simple? Am I allowed to ask for grace instead of a deserving consequence? Instead of guilt?”


Mothers Always Write: Seriously, Mary, Did you Know?

“…no woman gets through motherhood without battling the uncertainties of her children’s future.”

Mexican Brownie.jpg

Her View From Home: Mexican Brownie Disaster

“Know when to call it quits. There can be dignity in dumping a pan of brownies into the trash.”


Moms & Stories: Confessions of a Fun Mom

“I let my kids play in the rain today. I’m such a fun mom…The next thirty minutes reminded me why I carefully choose my fun mom moments.”